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When she was just five years old, Kari Newhouse picked up her mother's neglected acoustic guitar and asked her parents for guitar lessons. The guitar instructors in Ann Arbor, Michigan told her parents that Kari was just too young to teach, but eventually they found one who was up to the task. When her finger's found those first simple chords, a lifelong passion for music had begun.

Her mother's record collection was filled with Classical works, movie soundtracks and Motown music, and Kari used these touchstones to start writing her own music with the youthful abandon of a pre-teen. Later, her guitar playing abilities developed along with her voice, and she filled these formative years experimenting with melodic and harmonic musical concepts, to accompany her maturing guitar chops.

Kari's fascination with the technical side of music and recording was founded at an early age as well, beginning with recording experiments with her Dad's tape deck and following the progress of technology to her current prowess with digital audio software that Newhouse currently uses to produce her own music.

Newhouse has been integrally involved with all aspects of recording and production of her music beginning with her 1996 debut release, Playing Juliet, which she co-produced with Al Sutton (Kid Rock, Thornetta Davis) at Detroit's Rustbelt Studios. In 2004, she recorded her second album, Lit at Both Ends, with Producer/Engineer/Sound Designer, Martin Carrillo at Heardrum studios, in Sunland, California. Always having a fascination with all aspects of recording and production, in 2012 Newhouse solely wrote, performed and recorded her latest album, Songs from Apartment 4, in her studio apartment in Portland, OR. Kari has worked with producer and musician Dean Kattari for her two last albums, including her latest release "The Lucky Few". Recorded durung many rainy Portland nights, a bit or bourbon and a lot of attitude, Newhouse has written her most stunning work to date.

Newhouse has been playing gigs since the age of 16. Her performances have included outdoor festivals to the clubs of Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Detroit and Portland. Her live shows electrify the intimacy that her recordings have always possessed. Kari’s music is a blend of sophisticated pop, ethereal-atmospheric rock with poetic insightful lyrics that won't leave you any time soon.

"As a lyricist she's literate with a strongly poetic nature, but can write intelligently without sinking into pretentiousness, and she interprets her material with intelligence and taste, bringing emotional truth to the surface without playing too strongly to the balcony."
— Mark Deming, AllMusic
"Ethereal, gorgeous and sublime. Kari’s writing runs the gamut from poignant to optimistic, and as usual she handles it all with grace and talent."
Namoli Brennet, Performing artist